Social Media Posts – How to strategise for your Business?


What to Post? When to Post? How frequently to post? On which platform to post?

These are dilemmas that people trying their hands at promoting their businesses on Social Media, face every day. To make life easy, understand how much exposure is good exposure for your business and work out a plan accordingly. Also, you need to plan how to be consistent with these postings. Randomly posting is not a great idea. It is always good to do the postings at a predetermined frequency. This frequency needs to be decided on the basis of the kind of business that you are promoting and also what frequency of social media posts you can be consistent with. We can take up a few examples as follows, to understand this better:

Example 1: E commerce website with a very extensive range of lifestyle products

Suppose, you are running an E commerce website with a very extensive range of lifestyle products and you have new products coming up regularly, it may be a good idea to post as many as 2 posts in a single day to push sales. Ideal platform shall be Facebook. Facebook posts that run contests also help in increasing user engagement big time as it gives reason for people to keep revisiting the page.

Example 2: IT company dealing in Enterprise solutions

If you are an IT company dealing in Enterprise solutions, you need more action on your Linkedin page than on Facebook. What you publish, needs to be centered around case studies and reports providing data on parameters of relevance to Businesses that are likely users of your products / services. The frequency of publishing of posts could vary between 1 to 2 posts in a month. These however have to be very elaborate posts with great content and facts. Besides these, blogs from people handling critical positions in the company can be published as these go a long way in keeping prospects engaged. Further, the links of blogs published on your website need to be also shared on all your Social Media handles.

Example 3: Boutique Hotels

One post a week on Facebook is generally good enough. These posts could be about:

  1. Customer Feedback
  2. Ongoing offers
  3. Property highlights
  4. New initiatives
  5. Salient features
  6. High profile guests
  7. Events
  8. Places to visit in the city of the Hotel
  9. Awards & Recognition

Example 4: Restaurants / Takeaways

Fine dining Restaurants and takeaways do well with 2 to 3 posts in a week. If the posts are released towards the weekends, they are generally more effective. Some of the ideas around which the posts can be weaved are:

  1. Festivals
  2. Celebrations
  3. Special offers
  4. Popular dishes
  5. New inductions in the Menu
  6. Inviting pictures of Desserts
  7. Ambience
  8. Awards & Recognition

A bit of boosting of posts to the target audience in and around the area of Restaurant’s operation is always a good idea.

Critical factors for Social Media Posts include the following:

Scheduling of the post

With a bit of trying and testing, you can figure out when your post gets maximum views/responses and schedule your posts accordingly.

Creative of the Post

The creatives for the social media posts need to be professionally done. Ideally a Digital Marketing company or a Creative Agency / person should be designing the posts. Avoid long texts in the creatives.

Logo on Posts

Your posts need to carry your logo to ensure brand visibility.

Variety in Posts

The social media posts could vary between a blog published on your website and shared on all social handles, Carousal of images, Infographics or a Banner with a message. Mixing these up judiciously keeps the page lively and increases visitor engagement.

Not just selling

The posts should not only be direct selling but should be a mixed bag covering – selling, information dissemination, company accomplishments/milestones, company news, events, product launches, awards, customer feedback and more.

Social platforms are ever evolving. Keep track of new features being introduced by them and then leverage them to the advantage of your Social presence. Keep your business socially live and generate amazing online visibility for its growth.

Highlights from the article above, are covered in the infographic below 🙂

social media post-An infographic

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Vikram Mathur

CEO, Digital Hive
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