Most Important Factors while Developing a Mobile website

After the update of Google’s algorithm for increasing emphasis on the mobile responsiveness of websites, there has been a lot of changes going on in the Google’s SERP and hence to traffic response to business websites. This algorithm was named as “mobilegeddon”.

You can read all about this algorithm.

Webmasters and business owners are now following this algorithm. I want to emphasise here that there is a slight difference in the Search results for Mobile devices and Desktops. When you search on mobile then mobile responsive websites will come first. So it is considered as a major factor for ranking a website in search engine.

Let’s take a look at mobile user’s stats in the current era. Approx 80% of Internet users own a smartphone.

desktop-vs-mobile-most-popular-devices                              Source:

Website access from Mobile devices has surpassed, website access from Desktops. Visit: to know about the steep rise in Mobile usage for Website access.

All this implies that making a responsive website is very important for every business that may wish to generate Business through organic search. If you ignore this, you will end up losing the major chunk of your online business. This can affect your business revenue.

If you are not sure whether your website is responsive or not then here is a tool to check by Google. Test Your Website here.

Mobile Friendly Test

So coming to the topic, below are the most important ranking factors while developing a mobile website.

Content & Webpages

The content of the mobile website must be easily readable without doing zoom in and zoom out. People are always in hurry and they want the results in a short time. So they don’t have time to look deeply into the web pages.

Using images with content is always the best idea to enhance the quality of the content. So always use responsive high-quality images with proper placement.

A mobile website should have less number of web pages and serves only the quality one.

Don’s use too much Ads

If you also want to make money by putting ads in the website then its ok but don’t use too many ads. This will ruin the user’s experience towards your website. And I want to tell you that user experience is also one of the major ranking factor according to the Google. Don’t frustrate your users with too many ads in your content. Better is to use them below the content if you are running a business website. Never use ads in content.

Optimize Speed of the Website

Website speed is also a major ranking factor for a website. Google also consider website speed as a ranking factor. As I said, everybody is in hurry. They don’t have to wait for loading of your website. Taking too much time to load is also annoying. They will exit the website and try to open another one.

If you want to test your website then you can do this by clicking on this link.

Proper Placement of Call To Action Buttons

Call to action buttons plays an important role in any website. Proper placement of the call to action buttons can generate a lot of leads through any business website. Each call to action button must be visible to everyone and have much information required as you need.

Here you can read, 6 Proven Ways to Boost the Conversion Rates of Your Call-to-Action Buttons by Joanna Wiebe from Copy Blogger Blog.

Over to You My Awesome Readers 😉

So folks, here are the topmost factor which must be included in any mobile website. This will surely increase your authority, leads and off-course rankings.

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