Is your SEO generating Business? Take a re look at your keywords!

Before getting on to the strategy for the choice of keywords for SEO, first, we need to understand as to what is SEO?

SEO is the art of making the Search Engines believe that a particular website is a great website for a particular set of key words so that when a Search is conducted, the Search Engine positions this website among the top ranking websites.

Now, if your website says a five to ten page, small business website and you try to do its Search Engine Optimization for a set of 100 keywords, it would not be possible to make the search engine believe that your site is great for 100 different keywords, because the content of the website would not be able to justify this claim. Hence, the number of keywords for which you optimize your website should ideally not be around the number of pages that are there on the website. This, however, is not a rule, but in most of the cases, this formula works.

Do not use very generic keywords to optimize a website. It is generally difficult to achieve high rankings for these and they run into competition with the likes of Wikipedia and other academically inclined websites. If the website for an Architect is to be promoted, it may not be a great idea to conduct its SEO for a keyword like “Architect”. Identify the key strengths of the Architect, the projects he has worked on, the geographies he has offices in and then work out the keywords. For example, an Architect who may have done a lot of Retail outlets, can be promoted for keywords like “architect for retail”.

Similarly, if the Architect is operating out of Gurgaon, we can SEO the website for “architect in Gurgaon”, “architect for retail in Gurgaon” and so on. Users generally search long tail keywords as these help them in getting more accurate results. These have lesser competition in comparison to specific words and have the higher probability of generating business inquiries. For local listings, however, using more specific keywords also works and local listings can many times to optimized for shorter keywords. For example “SEO company” could be a good keyword to be optimized for local listings, whereas “SEO company in Gurgaon” or “SEO companies in Gurgaon” would be a good option for the organic search results.

Once you have the basic idea of keywords in place, it always helps to use a keyword researched tools to narrow down on what is being searched for more. Once such a free tool for keyword planning is being provided by Google Ad words ( Besides, there are a few paid tools also, that help in taking the right decision.

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Vikram Mathur

CEO, Digital Hive
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