The most important factor for creating a Search engine friendly website is the richness of its content. The content should be original and rich in information, not very repetitive. More content helps in making the Search Engines understand what your website is about and thus results in higher rankings.

Regularly update your website. Frequent updates help you communicate the latest to the world. This is liked by google as this implies action at your end. Shows the company is live and active. Having a Customer Testimonials section on the website that keep growing with time also helps a lot in keeping the website updated. It also helps establish credibility in the eyes of the visitors.

Website should have good graphics. This is necessary for user engagement. The users need to stay on the site and get a good feel of the products and services you offer. If possible keep adding graphics as and when there are new products to highlight or if there pictures of any events that could be posted. Make sure the graphics are optimized for web. Ideally images are recommended to be of the resolution of 72 DPI for quick loading online. Videos are also a great resource for user engagement.

Website needs to open up fast. Use Google’s “Page Speed Insights” tool to check your website’s speed at Ensure that your website scores high on this tool.

Social media icons on the website should be prominently placed. They would link to your respective Social handles and Search Engines need to be shown these links. Your Social Media popularity is also a measure of your credibility in the eyes of Search Engines.

Most of the visitors access website from Mobile devices like smart phones, iphones and ipads besides Pcs, notepads and Macbooks. It is most critical to have your website responsive so that it opens up well across devices. Get it checked across devices and browsers. Sometimes multiple css needs to be written to achieve cross platform compatibility. In current scenario a website that is not responsive is not considered to be a Search engine friendly website.

Presence of a Blog on the website can be extensively utilized for educating prospects and customers about the latest in your trade plus it gives you a platform for sharing of case studies based on your experiences. The blog should ideally be written by multiple people in the company, if possible. A multi Author Blog is considered more credible and carries higher value in the eyes of Search Engines.

Once you have made a Search engine friendly website, make sure that you have prominently placed “Call to Action” buttons help you generate more business leads. Phone nos. for Sales and Customer Support, Inquiry forms, Email ids should all be easily accessible on the website. Do not leave it on the visitor to make an effort to discover them!!

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