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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing Activities
> Strategy for Social Media presence / activities as per Business objectives

> Content Calendar for running campaigns

> Creatives and Content for Posts

> Tagging of Posts to optimize visibility


Social Media Optimization

Social Media Marketing Agency in Gurgaon
Social Media platforms are engaging the Masses in a big way. Since people spend a lot of time on these, an effective presence on these platforms and a bit of push marketing on them boosts online visiblity. Whether you are promoting a traditional Brand or an upcoming one, Social Media Optimization / presence works for both. For upcoming brands, higher visibility on the Social Platforms works as a total game changer.

Which platform to choose?

Facebook Marketing in Gurgaon
Out of the currently available platforms of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Vimeo, Youtube, Linkedin, Tumblr, Instagram, StumbleUpon and more, not all platforms are recommended for all businesses. We work out the right mix of effort that needs to be put in on different platforms and in what capacity. For example, regular posting of lifestyle products on Facebook with attractive offers can do wonders to Online sales, while regular posting of Articles on Linked can work to the advange of Professional’s personal branding. How many people like your post on Facebook stands as a testimony to the product while in case of an Article on linkedin, who likes your Article makes all the difference!

Social Media Optimization helps in SEO also!

Social acceptance of your Business has a positive impact on your website’s Search Engine Rankings (Of Course provided you have judiciously linked them up!). The reason for this is that the Search Engines feel that if you are Socially acceptable, then you command an element of credibility and they give you due credit for that. So more likes on Facebook, more followers on Twitter, more connections and followers on Linkedin are a good Digital Marketing assets to have.
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