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Search Engine Optimization

Our focus in SEO is on getting the most relevant visitors to
your website, thereby maximizing Sales / Business enquiries!

Having a great website is just the beginning of an effective internet presence but it still is just a first step in the right direction. For the site to work full time for the growth of your business, it needs to be visible to the target audience. Most of the people use Search Engines (primarily Google) as a tool for finding information about any product or service they require. With an effective SEO service in place, your website shows up in top 10 Search Engine Rankings and the chances for more business enquiries / online sales happening, phenomenally increase. As a full service SEO Company in Gurgaon with strong technical credentials in Web Development, we ensure sustained top rankings in Search Engines with our SEO services.

How We Work

We work on an SEO assignment, keeping the end objective of getting the right visitors to the website. Bindly increasing the traffic is not the objective of a good SEO service. We identify the keywords/phrases that a prospect who can give you Business is likely to Search. By getting the website in top results for these keywords, gets you the right kind of visitors to the website. We monitor the website Rankings and Analytics on an ongoing basis to understand where our SEO is heading and take measures accordingly.

Ethical SEO Practices

Sustained Growth in Rankings

Transparent and Regular Reporting

Proven Track Record

Assured Results

SEO Company in Gurgaon

On Page SEO
On Page SEO Activities

Keyword and Competition Research
  • Analyze top 5 competitors (No. of back link, quality of Back links, position on Google for targeted Keywords)
  • Analyze Keywords using different tools

Content Optimization The balancing of key words/phrases in the content shall be monitored on a regular basis and the required changes shall be requested when required. Also, recommendations shall be mailed from time to time for addition on New Content on the website. All this shall be based on the results of Keyword research and also the SEO Campaign Performance Indicator, ie. the Overview reports.

Other issues to be tackled in content optimization include:

  • Optimization of Internal Links
  • XML Site Map updating
  • URL Optimization (if needed)

Balancing Niche & Semantically related keywords in website content

  • Incorporation of semantically or topically related keywords into the website content.

Title and Meta Tags

  • Periodic tweaking of title and meta tags based on requirements
  • The Meta tags need to be dynamic. Whenever the query string pointing to a page changes, the title of the page and all meta tags associated should also change. We shall work with your developers to get this organized.

Image Optimization Alt Tags on Images used on the website shall be optimized so that they are in sync with the image content and the content on the page, directly or semantically covering the targeted Keywords.

SEO Compliance Checking / Audits Regular checks shall be made to ensure that the site is optimized as per running Search Engine guidelines. Robots.txt File We will write and whenever required revise the robots.txt Google webmaster & Google Analytics setup & verification.

Off Page SEO
Off Page SEO Activities

Link Building
        • Directory Submission(only on High Quality Directories)
        • Local Business Listings
        • Blog Post Writing & Publishing
        • PPT & PDF Creation and Submission
        • Classified Submission
        • Social Bookmaking
        • Article Submissions
        • Web 2.0 creation & submission
        • Blog Comment Posting (if required)
        • Press Releases (if required)
        • Forum Posting
        • Answers Quora
        • Video Submissions

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